Garlic Infused Oil

La Tourangelle

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When you are on a quest for full flavor, irresistible aroma and the freshest, most natural addition to your cooking, La Tourangelle Garlic oil is precisely what you want to enhance your dishes, accentuate your flavors and fulfill all your culinary visions. Infused with the most authentic herbs, our oils provide a difference you can taste.

Grown in France by a five-generation family-owned-producer, our fresh, natural herbs are cultivated with a specific focus on aromas. When the herbs are at their freshest, they are naturally infused in organic expeller-pressed high-oleic sunflower oil, giving you endless cooking possibilities from salad dressings to high-heat cooking. Our Garlic Infused Oil is infused with fresh, aromatic garlic. You can perform miracles on any dish or sauce, or use it simply as a dipping oil.

Health Benefits

Garlic is considered to lower cholesterol and also has detoxifying effects.


High heat


Fresh garlic


Our Garlic Infused Oil can work miracles for any dish or sauce, it’s wonderful flavor is incredibly versatile and savory. It can be also be simply used as a dipping oil for breads and other hors d’oeuvres. Transform your dishes by using our artisan garlic oil to:


Garlic is the perfect finishing touch for cooked meats, seafood, grilled vegetables, pasta dishes and more. Pour some tempting garlic-infused oil atop your favorite Italian and Mediterranean meals to add an extra dimension to your recipes.


To infuse the full-bodied flavor of garlic into the heart of your food, use our artisan garlic oil for cooking. Stir-fry your meat and vegetable dishes in this delicious, sizzling base and taste the subtle strength of flavor in every bite.


For your salads, cold dishes and hors-d’oeuvres, start with our artisan garlic oil as a base for your vinaigrettes, sauces and condiments. You can also incorporate it as a delicious sauce in hot dishes or a savory marinade for meats.