Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

La Tourangelle

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La Tourangelle 100% organic, virgin and unrefined coconut oil is fresh and delicious. It is made from organic coconuts which are expeller-pressed within 4 days of being harvested by hand.

This raw, lightly filtered oil is pure, organic and has an incredible coconut flavor. Use it in stir fries, curries and baking, or as a replacement for butter. It is also great for use on skin and hair to heal, oil pulling, protect and beautify.


Store in a cool dry place.


Smoke point 350ºF.

The melting point of coconut oil is generally quoted as being 76ºF (24ºC). If the temperature is above 76ºF, the oil will be liquid. If the temperature is below 76 ºF, it will become solid. This occurrence in no way affects the oil.

Shelf Life

Unopened: 18-month shelf life
Opened: best used within 6 months