About Gourmet Point

We are passionate about innovative food and great taste. And all our products reflect the same passion.

 Established in May 2009, Gourmet Point is one of the United Arab Emirates’ premiere shops specialising in a wide array of the most exceptional artisan foods, award-winning gourmet foods, the freshest organic items and other high-end specialty fare. From chips and preserves, to oils, dressings, syrups and beyond, you’ll find a wide array of premium foods using the finest ingredients.

Gourmet Point was founded by Punit Bhatia, who maintains a great passion for innovative gourmet foods, unique tastes and intense flavors, along with the beautiful organic and natural simplicity that’s so rare in many mainstream food brands. It’s the quality and attention to detail that sets our artisan fare and fine foods apart from all others.

Gourmet Point founder Punit Bhatia travels the world, seeking out unique specialty foods and scouring specialty food shows for the finest award-winning products. Bhatia has sought out a unique blend of specialty food products from exceptional companies and artisans, sharing these incredible high-end foods with customers throughout the UAE and beyond.

Today, Gourmet Point has over 50 award-winning products and we’re constantly seeking new flavors. We currently source our products from the United States and France, including artisan oils, spreads, preserves, jams and healthy snacks that are certain to delight discerning consumers.

Gourmet Point has developed a vast network of distribution channels throughout the United Arab Emirates, including restaurants, high-end gourmet food shops, boutique shops and independent retailers, among others.

Gourmet Point takes pride in carrying only the finest gourmet and artisan foods. We seek out the most innovative gourmet products featuring the most unique tastes, along with artisan foods that are crafted using only the most exceptional natural ingredients. In fact, all-natural fine foods are our passion here at Gourmet Point! We sell a wide variety of different brands, such as Stonewall Kitchen, Sarabeth’s, Sisters Gourmet, Flamous Chips, Delicae Gourmet and La Tourangelle, among others.

At Gourmet Point, we view our company as more than just a food distributor. We’re committed to finding the most incredible tastes and flavors, made with a type of care, attention to detail and craftsmanship that’s quite rare in today’s world. Our goal is to distribute unique, fresh foods that promote health, wellness and sustainability.


If you have a comment or query about our company or our products, you’re always welcome to contact Gourmet Point via email; simply stop by our contact page to send your message. Gourmet Point can also be contacted by phone at +971-504547535.